2014 Alternative Living – Plan For The Future


Alternative Living QuartesWhat Features Are Trending Upward In 2014?

As an affordable custom home builder LEXAR HOMES works with many families in the design and planning stages of their dream home. During the initial planning stages we partner with homebuyers to plan, design, and budget their custom home. So what trends do we see coming with buyers in 2014?

Forward Thinking – Smart Design

Many new homeowners choose to build a custom home because it’s a smarter choice for their budget. Building a custom home is often less expensive than paying rent or renovating a resale home. Homeowners now have more choices that focus their budget on areas of the home that matter most to them, while at the same time offering benefits that payback both now and in the future.

Space That “Converts”

As the economy continues to have a strangle hold on family budgets, more buyers come looking for new home plans that offer flexibility and space that will serve multiple purposes. Added living space that can serve to assist adult children to get on their feet or space for aging parents that could easily be converted to a rental unit adding additional income at a later time. These are just a few examples of how LEXAR HOMES is accommodating families as they adapt.


Dual Master Bedrooms Or Alternative Living Quarters

For many families, a home that can accommodate multiple generations as well as boomerang children and eldercare is key. Single level homes with dual master suites are very popular, however a newer trend with homeowners is creation of Alternative Living Quarters.  They provide more privacy, convenience, and flexibility while meeting the needs of all in the family.

Design Alternatives

In 2014 more families will take control of their custom home, from design to finishes to architectural style the need for alternative living quarters is more pronounced than ever.  From a custom Craftsman to a Super Energy Efficient Flex -Plan, more buyers are seeking affordable alternatives that will allow them to have the luxuries  of a custom home while at the same time afford them the ability to assist aging parents and/or boomerang children. LEXAR HOMES offers plans that fulfill such needs, which is why we continue to play a vital role in the communities in which we build.

Find out more about how we can help you design a home that meets your families needs.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment – www.lexarhomes.com

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