Floor Plans

Choose or Customize Your Floor Plan
When building a new home, you can choose from a wide selection of distinctive floor plan designs or let a custom home builder help you customize a plan to fit your needs. If you find a  floor plan you like, but would like to change the interior layout, a builder can work with you to modify existing plans. You can also select from options such as Flex Plans where you’ll find variations of some of our most popular floor plans.

Flex Plans
Sometimes you just need more room! If added living space is important, a Flex Plan option may be the solution. The most affordable option to expand your living space may be right above or below you. Flex Plans allow you to customize a floor plan by using attic trusses or basements to create additional bedrooms or bonus rooms to meet your needs.

Customized Home Designs
Builders that “listen” and experienced home consultants can help you begin the creative collaboration of customizing your plan into the dream home you envision. You know what you want from the place you call home, from exterior design to the flow of the interior. The ability to strategically resize and place rooms to accommodate the needs of your family and add those special touches to enhance your personal lifestyle, will bring a greater level of homeowner comfort and satisfaction for many years to come.

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