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First impressions matter. We understand that in addition to an exceptionally well built and energy efficient home, you want one that you are proud to own. Attention to the exterior curb appeal of the home not only ensures that it is beautiful and distinctive, but also increases its value. Together we will design and select custom exterior finishes such as shingles, trim, and shutters to create the exact look you want that sets your home apart in the neighborhood.





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There’s no place like home! To be more specific, there is no place like your home. Every Lexar home is as unique as the family living inside. Another way to customize your home is with your interior product choices. The flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and paint choices are all reflections of you. Our interior photo gallery features many products and décor styles for you to browse.




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Imagine a kitchen that feels as though it was designed specifically with your family in mind. That’s exactly what we hope yo

u experience in your new LEXAR home. As you’ll see in our collection of photos, the choices available to you in beautiful cabinetry, appliances, cou

ntertops, flooring,fixtures and customizable floor plans will allow you to create a space that reflects perfectly your family and lifestyle.



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The construction phase is one of the most rewarding stages of the home building process. It’s when you really start to see your home come together. It is also the most critical time to manage the details. This is when budgets can be blown, mistakes can be made, and timeline delays can occur.

We pay special attention to the construction phase of your home. We inspect our homes daily during the construction phase to ensure that the construction site is clean and safe (your safety is our first concern when you visit your home site). We check to ensure that all subcontractors are exceeding our expectations of quality. We also strictly manage the busy timeline to make certain your home is finished on time and on budget.

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