Choose Right | Live Right – It’s All About The Design




Investing in a newly constructed home is a large undertaking, both emotionally and financially. When considering a project of this magnitude, you should prepare them self as much as possible. One of your first considerations will be the home’s layout or floor plan.
Plan designs vary greatly as do the specific needs and preferences of the inhabitants. Most builders will have a number of plans for their customers to choose from or to use as a starting point to develop a more comprehensive plan or blueprint. A blueprint is a detailed, scaled drawing  2576reflecting numerous features of your plan. For example the blueprint typically shows the different elevations of the home (front, side(s) and rear) that detail how the home will look on the exterior. It also included detailed information regarding the foundation, framing, roof, electrical, plumbing and kitchen layout with detailed drawings of cabinet location and design. These are coupled with copious construction notes that are well beyond the basic floor plan.

Designing the floor plan for your new home requires serious consideration to the following:

1. Individual lifestyle needs
2. Family and pets (current / future)
3. Entertaining
4. Guests (sleeping needs)
5. Areas of use (where will you spend your time)
6. Layout of home (different options add more privacy)
7. Window design and location (privacy, lighting, view)
8. Designated work spaces (home office, work shop, utility and storage space)
9. Decorating (what is the space designed for: a large sectional sofa requires
space to accommodate it

Your new home will require a great deal of thought and consideration as well as attention to detail. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you will be surprised what you will learn. Keep good notes and do your home work, it’s the detail in the beginning that will make your house your home!