Home Automation – Will It Pay Off?

How Far Will It Go?

When it comes to American families that understand home automation they are seeking a smart home that can automatically prepare for their arrival home, and provide peace of mind and comfort upon doing so.

For most, home and personal security tops the list of important reasons for wanting a smart home system. In fact, some type of security capability for both personal and family security as well as property loss protection is considered a must for any type of home system, otherwise such a system would be considered unacceptable. Carbon monoxide and fire alarms are also two essentials to personal and family security as well as gas alarms that can trigger electronic valve shut-off features.

Stat ControlThe convenience of home automation will continue to push builders to seek out new technology that will integrate into many aspects of a new home. Technology that enables doors to be locked or unlocked from a remote location as well as photo, video and file retrieval from a computer desk top at any hour from any where in the world. Pre-wired USB plugins that allow electronic devices to be charged without the hassle of special adapters thus leaving standaDuplex+USBrd electrical plugins available for other use. Integrating technology will become more and more cost effective as homeowners realize how much easier automation makes their lives. Not to mention the cost savings that will begin to be realized through better management of heating and cooling systems as well as indoor and outdoor lighting, all of which will result in reduced utility bills that will quickly become the norm. Next comes water management (sprinkler systems), which will have just as great an impact, if not more, as this natural resource continues to be challenged. However we will leave that discussion on the table for another day!

So what do you think, just how far will your home automation go, such a topic is worth discussion as we continue to be mesmerized by the onslaught of technological advances that seem to be becoming the norm in our society today.